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Over the years, SSA has provided uniforms to numerous customers from different industries. Below are some special projects that SSA has undertaken.

CLIENT - "Parkfield Primary School":Key Features:

This school is not happy with their current uniform from another supplier and is therefore looking for a new supplier.

Parkfield Primary School's Uniform coordinator came to us through a referral from one of our current customers.
After the initial discussion, we understand the school’s situation and requirements are:
-          To match the current design
-          To match the  school’s colours

We posted some sample fabrics and also made a sample shirt in the school’s design. The school is very happy with our fabric’s quality as well as the sample shirt.
However, SSA had  difficulty with the “matching colour” requirement. Our stock colour in Jade is not the same as this school’s colour.

At this stage, both of us (the school and SSA) have come up with a decision that we will dye and stock this special colour for Parkfield PS.

SSA provides the shirt with exactly the school’s design and colour preference of their customer. After receiving the initial order, the school got what they actually wanted.
Below is the feedback we received from Parkfield Primary School's uniform coordinator:

“We received our new polo’s yesterday, they look  fantastic.  I’m hoping to have another order to you within the next fortnight.  Thank you very much for all your help this.”
CLIENT - "MWH Global":Key Features:

MWH Global was looking for a new supplier for their current uniform.
-          Matching design
-          Matching colours

MWH Global's company representative has contacted SSA and asked us to duplicate the current shirt/ style they have from a different company.
After seeing their style, we found out that their design is the same as one of our current available styles. And fortunately, we also have the colour that matches the company’s colour.
MWH has different branches and departments so they require different logos for these purposes.
After the initial discussion and fully comprehending their requirements for different purposes, SSA has provided a special quote for the company which the management has accepted.
We understand that corporate has regulation on colours, dimension, etc of their promotional products. In order to fulfil and guarantee the result, we have done an actual embroidery samples for MWH to approve before embroidering the shirts.

Once the initial order has been delivered, we have received good feedbacks from the company and have been providing more uniforms for MWH.

“Just wanted to let you know the shirts have been received and some have been distributed they look great although some are a bit large for a few people. I believe I may be ordering more in the near future as I was not aware we are sending them around Australia and the rest of the world as well so I will be in touch when I receive more details.
Thanks so much for all your help over the past couple of months and we appreciate the hard work your team has put in to get this order complete and to us :)

CLIENT - "REAL Institute":Key Features:

Real Institute is one of the fastest growing Education and Training companies. Besides their routine jobs, REAL Institute also provides many different events for customers. In 2012, SSA was proud to be selected by REAL Institute to supply uniforms for their annual event.
REAL Institute has specific colours and design which they would like us to match.

On the initial order, REAL Institute came to us with a very short notice. We only have 2 weeks to make the shirts, embroidery and screen printing to meet their event date. After discussing with our Production Manager, we had set a very tight timeframe to finish these shirts for our customer.
The shirts were finished on time and the event was run successfully.

REAL Institute has come to us again this year for the same event as this event is run annually. This year, we have more time to prepare and thus have saved them some money with lower cost.
After providing event uniforms two years in a row to REAL Institute, SSA has built a good relationship with this customer and has become their main polo supplier for most of their events.
In order to meet customer’s special requirement on their shirt’s design, we have created a special pattern for REAL Institute's shirt which is exclusive for this organisation.

To date, we have received repeat orders from REAL Institute for their new shirt designs & colours.

CLIENT - "St Joseph's Primary School O'Connor":Key Features:

School has contacted us to get a proposal for their new school’s uniform. St Joseph has  very special school’s colours: Purple, Green and Red.

We have sent different fabric samples in their school’s colours and also some sample shirts for this school to choose the design from.
After several discussions, touching the handle of the samples, this school has decided that they prefer our Cool Dri fabric which is more durable for sport and Primary Students. However, Purple is not available in SSA's range yet. In order to fulfill the school’s requirements, SSA has recommended with this school to use Purple as a piping and in a different material- SSA's Mini Pique.

Once the school has chosen their preferred styles within our available range, SSA has made some sample shirts in the school’s chosen colours and designs to show the School committee.
Luckily, we were dealing with a very helpful, cooperative lady. She has supported us a lot in getting approval from the Board and also provided us with their feedbacks and ideas so we can organise the next steps.
At the final stage, St Joseph has come up with their own design and asked us to provide a sample. Our Production Manager has suggested that the school change their design a little bit so it will be better and more suitable for the school.  St Joseph's Primary School O'Connor accepted our recommendations and sample :)

School is happy with the new design and gave us the opportunity to be their uniform supplier :)
Not only do we supply their primary uniforms, we also make their pre-school uniforms as well as their shorts, skorts and current Winter polo shirts.

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