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Quality Guaranteed Custom
Made Shirts To Suit Your Needs

A good product starts with a reliable supplier. SSA shirts can supply you with this quality product. Your shirt will start with our range of fabrics such as Cool Dri Sports Plus for your very active lifestyle, the Poly Cotton Pique knit for their hard wearing quality as well as our vibrant Microfiber selection for your school uniforms, polo shirts, event marketing etc. that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Once you have chosen the perfect fabric for the purpose that you have in mind, now you are ready to add your selected style with the panels or without, add on your preferred colours, with pockets or none, with cuffs or without and finally, you can add a logo/writing using embroidery, screen printing, heat transfer or for a totally whole new look, a sublimation print on your 100% poly fabric. This Logo/writing can either be on your left chest or right chest or both chest as well as the sleeves and the back of your shirt. SSA specialises on these Logos/writings and will recommend the best and most economical way to include these.

Let us help you. Just call or email us.
We will do it for you Or follow the steps below

Choose a design

Polos, Round Neck, V Neck, Tracksuits, Shorts, ...


Choose your colours, collar, pocket, and logo.

Sizes and Delivery

Provide rough idea of size. Choose a turnaround service


Submit your email and postal address

Design Consulting

Receive sample fabrics, Interact with customer service

Order placed

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Custom design


Custom design


Custom design