• Custom t-shirt design service: Express, Regular or Budget

Custom t-shirt design service: Express, Regular or Budget

We look after customers in every state and territory. We can also help you whether you're based in a capital city, a country town or a remote region.

At Sport Shirts Australia, we guarantee delivery. If you've ever ordered from overseas, you know that things can go wrong. Colours, quantities or sizes may be incorrect, the quality may be poor, or your shipment may never arrive. At SSA, we guarantee delivery - you will get your order, as agreed, or we will fix the problem.

Regular Service: delivery in 5 - 6 weeksOur regular service gives you premium shirts at very competitive prices. Delivery guaranteed.
Express Service 3 - 4 weeksThe solution when you're under time pressure and you want a worry-free result. Ready for dispatch in 3 – 4 weeks.
Urgent Service 2 - 3 weeksSometime we are in need of shirts for an urgent event or out of the plan.
This service is not available to all orders. Only for rush orders and delivery is guaranteed.